The Bald Eagle is one of the most Iconic birds of North America. It suffered a drastic decline during the 21st century and this powerful raptor was placed on the endangered species list. Thankfully after years of protection the Bald Eagle can now be found flying throughout North America once again. One of the best places to see this stunning bird is in the last frontier of Alaska. The winter in Alaska can be a harsh but beautiful time and the Bald Eagles see out the winter at various locations. One such location is Kachemak Bay near Homer. Kachemak Bay was Alaska’s first state park, roughly 400,000 acres of mountains, glaciers, forests and ocean. This rugged coastline supports many Bald Eagles and we have our own small boat for exclusive use to search for them. We will head out each day with a supply of small fish in the hope of attracting this North American Icon to within meters of our boat. We will also be heading to Fairbanks during this trip as Fairbanks is one of the best places to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. We will be spending four nights on a rural property outside Fairbanks with the soul aim of capturing this natural light show. Combining these two locations will give us a great opportunity to capture the beauty of the Alaskan winter.

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Day 1: We are due to arrive at Fairbanks Airport via Seattle from our chosen connecting flights. We will then transfer to our accommodation which is going to be our base for the next four nights. If we are not too tired we could get the opportunity for our first Aurora session.

Days 2 – 4: Our activity during the days of this first part of the trip is really going to be governed by our chances of capturing the Northern lights. Rest will be at the premium and so we need to take advantage of this. The grounds where we are staying are very nice and we could spend some time working with the local landscapes. We will also be
scouting some areas for our night time sessions. Our guide Megan Daniels has in-depth knowledge of the area having worked in Fairbanks for a number of years and she is also an experienced Aurora photographer. We have worked with Megan before as she is our Bear guide at Silver Salmon Creek for our September Grizzly trip. Each night we will be spending the time looking for the lights but also checking the Aurora forecast which can be found on many sites. The pattern will follow the same each day.

Day 5: After an early start and breakfast we then make our way to Fairbanks Airport for our flight to Homer. We will check straight into our accommodation and if the weather conditions are in our favour we will head out on our first-afternoon boat trip to look for the Eagles.

Days 6-9: Over the course of the next few days will follow the same pattern. It will be an early morning start each morning as we head out to the rugged coastline of Kachemak Bay in search of Bald Eagles. The weather can be hard to predict in Alaska at this time of the year and so the itinerary could change throughout this trip so we need to be as flexible as we can, to make the most of our opportunities. We will head out each morning looking for Eagles, which is the main target for the second part of this trip. The boat trips to the fjords looking for the Bald Eagles will maximise our potential for photographing this stunning bird with a wintery backdrop. We have successfully run a summer trip to Alaska for a number of years but to do so in the winter would be much harder but the potential could be huge. Winter is hard along this coast and that is what we want. There is a fair amount of flexibility and personal choices to accommodate and we’ll review our options on a daily basis.

Day 10: It will be our last early start as we head back out on the boat for our last morning session with the Eagles. We will then fly back to Anchorage for our final night and dinner.

Day 11: We head to Ted Stevens airport for our overnight return flights back to our chosen destinations. The time difference means we will arrive back into Europe on the 4th March.

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