There are so many wonderful and iconic species around the world that the list for a wildlife photographer can be a long one. Without doubt one subject that is high on peoples list is to visit the Ice flows and capture images of the stunningly beautiful baby Harp Seals. This can be a hard task as the Ice conditions have to be perfect otherwise it is impossible to get out to the Ice to spend time with them. Usually you have to book hotels and Helicopters well in advance and so take the risk with not only the ice but also the weather conditions. We feel that is too much of a gamble so we have looked at alternative options. We have secured the option of using a boat, then we can spend all our time out with the seals, working in the best lighting conditions and not being on the ice for just a couple of hours. The ice is critical for the breeding seals and we will not know this until late December/early January. If the conditions look right then we will run this exciting adventure to the Ice flows in search of one of natures greatest events.

Special Note: If booking this trip and it doesn’t run you will receive your deposit back or have the option to retain it for the following year.

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Day 1: We are all due to arrive at Isle Magdalen Airport in the small archipelago in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. To get here we will fly via Toronto and Quebec so it is a long journey to this remote outpost. Our first evening will be spent in a comfortable hotel in Isle Magdalen and over dinner we will be able to discuss our plans and expectations for this unique adventure.

Days 2 -7: In the early morning we will then transfer to our boat which will be our base for the next 6 days. After settling in to our cabins and safety briefing we will then set out on our journey to the Ice flows of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. During late February the Harp Seal females congregate on the Ice flows of the Gulf ready to give birth to their young. Huge herds can form in good years and so we have timed our trip to coincide with this great natural event. At first the young pups are yellow but after three days they turn pure white and for a short period they are the most attractive of the young seals. The setting is stunning with the endless Ice flows and so our picture opportunities are too. By being based on a boat we stay with the ice and seals and so can work in the best possible light. We also have the flexibility of moving to different locations searching for the best settings. This is without doubt the best way to work with Harp seals and we will be making the most of our time with these beautiful Seals. The white coats are extremely tame and so all ranges of lenses can be used giving us a varied portfolio. Evenings will be spent on the boat and we can review our day’s images to see what other approaches we can do to really maximise our potential of this trip.

Day 8: Unfortunately we will be heading home from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence after our stay in this Canadian Arctic outpost but hopefully with some amazing images and memories of these iconic species of the far north.

Day 9: After a long flight we arrive back in the UK/Europe.

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