We have been running trips to Finland now for the past decade and without doubt this country offers the wildlife photographer endless opportunities. Each year we discover new sites and opportunities and look to incorporate them into a different trip and this is no different. Alongside the best site in probably the world to photograph the amazing and elusive Wolverine we have added the opportunity to work in a fantastic new hide we visited in 2015 for working with the equally shy Beaver at their lodges. The water level opportunities are superb and with a fantastic setup nearby for Red-Throated Divers, an iconic breeding bird of these boreal forest wetland areas, this is a new and exciting combination of northern summer species to photograph in a busy week.

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Day 1: Travel to Joensuu airport in Finland. It is then a 3 hour transfer to our base for the trip.

Day 2: We have the use of a number of hides to photograph our target species throughout our time here so will be splitting down into smaller groups so that we can work at all three locations simultaneously. Some will go to our purpose built floating hide to look for Beaver: they are at their most active during the night and so with almost 24 hour daylight at this time of the year this will involve heading to the hide in the afternoon and coming out the next morning. The same pattern will apply to the Wolverine hides as well.  For the Red-throated Diver hides this will involve a very early morning session for dawn/sunrise and then a second session at the end of the day up until the sunsets. We will get a good number of sessions working with all the species over the next few days.

Days 3–7: Over the course of these days we will continue to rotate around the three different hides so that everyone will get the same amount of opportunity to work on their priorities as best we can.  There will be a chance to sleep/rest during the daytime between sessions, and all the hides have sleeping areas so you can get some rest when you are over nighting in the Beaver or Wolverine hides too.

Day 8: After breakfast we will be returning to Jouensuu airport for our flights home.

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