After the long winter in the Highlands, spring is a welcome sign for the local wildlife. One of the great spectacles on the UK birding scene is the elaborate courtship ritual of the Black Grouse. The Grouse start returning back to their traditional Lekking arenas in late March and by the time we run this tour the males will have secured there pecking order amongst their rivals. Once the females start showing an interest the activity reaches its frenetic peak. It really is a fantastic experience to spend the early morning in a hide watching and photographing this great spectacle. We will also be targeting the other Highland specialities throughout this trip which include Mountain Hares, Red Squirrels and the high mountain top grouse, the Ptarmigan which will be supporting its fresh spring plumage. All in all a jam packed week of wildlife photography in some of the UK’s most spectacular scenery.

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Day 1: Travel to get yourself to our Highland base for the Saturday evening. We’ll arrange transfers from the local station (25 minutes or so away) or you can drive yourself. Over dinner we’ll look forward to outline the options for your photography ahead.

Days 2-6: Throughout the trip we will need to be flexible based on weather conditions as well as what is working best so although the itinerary for the trip is detailed below it is very much subject to change to accommodate this as well as your own priorities as best as we can.

Each day of the trip will be spent focussing on Red squirrels, Black Grouse, Ptarmigan and Mountain Hares– four Highland specialities, and we’ll be working exclusively at feeding stations, a special positioned hide overlooking a Black Grouse Lek and a well frequented Hare location which are expertly located for great photographic opportunities to allow some great images of these iconic Scottish specialities. The walk into the northern corries looking for Ptarmigan is a long but rewarding day. All the sites have had considerable thought put into lighting and backgrounds and offer one the best opportunities of photographing them in the UK. Each day we will split into groups and take it in turns to try each location that way you will have an extensive highland portfolio.

Day 7: After a hearty Scottish breakfast (that you’ll have almost become used to by now) it’ll be time to head home. There will be transfers to the local station as required.

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