The Scottish Highlands in winter offer dramatic potential. Snow, frost, ice and wildlife make for a heady combination of opportunities that vary each year as the conditions do. We’ll have exclusive use of a range of sites to allow us to capture local highlights including Red Squirrel, Crested Tit and a variety of other woodland birds.

We’ll also look to photograph Red Deer, weather willing (and on an optional basis) head into the mountains in search of Ptarmigan, Snow Bunting and with luck even Mountain Hare amongst the possible highlights. With stunning landscape potential all around as well this trip offers a real opportunity to capture all that a Highland Winter has to offer the nature photographer.

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Day 1:  Travel to get yourself to our Highland base for the Saturday evening. We’ll arrange transfers from the local station (25 minutes or so away) or you can drive yourself. Over dinner we’ll look forward to outline the options for your photography ahead.

Day 2:  Throughout the trip we will need to be flexible based on weather conditions as well as what is working best so although the itinerary for the trip is detailed below it is very much subject to change to accommodate this as well as your own priorities as best as we can.
The first day of the trip will be spent focussing on red squirrels, crested tits and mountain hares– three Highland specialities, and we’ll be working exclusively at feeding stations and a well frequented Hare location which are expertly located for great photographic opportunities to allow some great images of these iconic Scottish specialities. All the sites have had considerable thought put into lighting and backgrounds and offer one the best opportunities of photographing them in the UK.

Day 3:  We have arranged for today to be spent with the red squirrels and crested tits at the feeding stations or for those fit enough to go for a walk in the northern corries looking for the grouse of the high tops, ptarmigan. This beautiful bird will be in its finest winter plumage at this time of the year and the males will be displaying to hold on to his territory and also attracting the females. It is a long walk into the corries on the cairngorms but the effort is well worth it. With a bit of luck we might come across another high top specialist, mountain hare.

Day 4:  We will again be looking at going to the high tops looking for Ptarmigan and Mountain Hare. These two species are found at different locations so we will be splitting our group. If the weather is against us we will look for Red Grouse lower down.

Day 5:  Dependant on the weather and how the first few days have gone today will once again focus on Red Squirrels, crested tits and mountain hares to ensure that you have all achieved some good images of these iconic species.  There remains the option of a further trip to the high tops again too.

Day 6:  We will look to work around your chosen needs and targets from this trip by responding flexibly to the weather with outings in search of snow buntings and another site for mountain hare. We also have the option to visit a dramatic estate with magnificent red deer which come down from the hills in the afternoon to be fed by the local rangers, the deer are fed in a woodland environment and again the backdrop is superb.

Day 7:  After a hearty Scottish breakfast (that you’ll have almost become used to by now) it’ll be time to head home. There will be transfers to the local station as required.

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What our customers say

“Holiday met or exceeded my expectations.”

“I was 200% satisfied with the level of photographic opportunities. I can’t believe how much we were able to do, see and photograph and the opportunity to do some landscape and long exposure work was really welcome too.”

“Neil McIntyre’s feeding stations were really good and offered fantastic opportunities for birds and squirrels.”

“The level of expertise, the scenery and the access to the animals far exceeded my expectations.

“The structure, content and balance of the holiday was excellent. There was sufficient flexibility in the plan to allow for changes due to weather and also to allow each individual to do what they wanted to do”

“Accommodation was good, food was home cooked full of flavour and really what I needed”

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