North Patagonian Coastal Spring – Argentina – 2018


Patagonia is simply a dream location to experience real wildness and also some dramatic wildlife photography and the remote northern beaches of Peninsula Valdes in the north of the region are no exception.  They are made famous by the resident orcas who hunt sealions on the beaches there in the autumn, and after a number of years visiting them we have prepared this new trip to capture the drama of what spring has to offer too. It is Elephant seal courtship time with the ground literally shaking as the large males battle for their harems and females are giving birth to young. Right Whales gather offshore allowing the opportunity for a private boat-based evening session, huge Magellenic Penguin colonies are bursting with life as they return ashore to begin the breeding season, cliff-nesting Peregrine return for the same purpose and offshore the orcas attentions also turn to young elephant seals off the beaches too.

This is a new and exciting trip to a region we know well and working with our Argentinian colleague Pablo Cerosimo who has been photographing here for many years now we have pulled together a totally different combination for some images of one of the remotest but most dramatic coastlines in the world at arguably its busiest time in terms of wildlife too.

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Day 1: Flights will leave Europe in the evening for our long journey to Buenos Airies.

Day 2: On arrival in Buenos Airies in the morning we will transfer to a domestic flight, most probably to Puerto Madryn dependent on final schedules when they are published.  On arrival in the late afternoon/early evening we will transfer to our estancia lodge base for the entire trip for any dinner you may still need before a well-earned night’s sleep.

Days 3 – 9: The location of our base for the trip allows us a high degree of flexibility in terms of what we do and when, and access to 2 vehicles will further help this.  Over the course of our time here though we will be looking to spend a number of days with the Elephant Seal colonies with the ground shuddering fights between the males high on the priority list, as well as a similar amount of time based on tidal and weather requirements in anticipation of orca hunting Elephant Seal at a specific and regular location as well.  We will enjoy a day with the large penguin colonies, a day with Peregrine at their cliff nest-site and a full afternoon through to sunset in a small boat with the Right Whales in the area at this time of year. With armadillo, guanaco, hawks, vultures and owls all making up an ancillary supporting cast of subjects it will be a busy, varied and rewarding photography in a truly remote and unspoilt part of the world.

Day 10: After a final morning and schedules allowing we will catch an afternoon flight back to Buenos Airies where we will overnight at an airport hotel before our journeys home begin the next day.

Day 11: In the morning we will transfer to the airport for flights back to the UK/Europe which will arrive the following morning given the time difference.

Day 12: Arrive back in Europe.


Download a PDF of this itinerary You`ll need Adobe Reader to view this document. If you don`t have it, you can download it here

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