The rugged mountains and pristine coastline of Norway is spectacular throughout the year but during the winter months it transforms into a special landscape. This is the realm of Golden and White-tailed Eagles, our main targets for this winter trip. This trip has been designed to work in two ways. We will have exclusive use of a purpose built hide where Golden Eagles have been attracted to food which is placed out every winter. This hide was established over ten years ago and attracts the resident pair from the surrounding mountains; juveniles from previous years can also drop in to visit. The second part of this trip will be to look for White-tailed Eagles along the fjords of Flatanger. We will be going out in a small boat to look for the eagles and then entice them down with a free fish. The pristine mountains covered in snow will be our backdrop. To photograph these two majestic raptors in one of the most beautiful locations in northern Europe is hard to beat.

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Day 1:  We travel to Trondheim (we will advise you on our flight recommendations) where we will be met by our Norwegian Guide Ole Martin Dahl. Ole then drives us (about 3 hours) to our base in Flatanger for the duration of the trip. Over dinner we’ll discuss the priorities and options for the coming days.

Days 2-7:  The precise schedule will be very flexible based on a combination of the weather and individual priorities. We have potentially 2 hides for golden eagle and white-tailed eagle that will accommodate up to 5 of us.

The boat trips to the fjords looking for the white-tailed eagles will be weather dependant but our aim for this trip is to maximise our potential for photographing this stunning bird with a wintery backdrop. We have successfully ran a summer trip to Norway for a number of years but to do so in the winter would be much harder but the potential could be huge. Winter is hard along this coast and that is what we want. It will be extremely cold on the boat but sailing suits will be provided. There is a fair amount of flexibility and personal choices to accommodate and we’ll review our options on a daily basis. We will also have the chance of using a special hide for photographing Goshawk. There’s also the chance of a dramatic Northern Lights display any evening if conditions fall in our favour.

Note on hide practice:  Golden eagles in particular are incredibly difficult birds to approach and photograph. It only becomes possible generally through the winter months when they switch their diet and search for animals that have died in the cold. It takes several years of regularly placing suitable bait (i.e. road kill deer) in a location for them to be remotely reliable in visiting the sight regularly – and that is what our guide in Norway has done for us. Those years of work and effort can be destroyed very easily, as they remain incredibly wary birds – it is why we have to enter and leave the hides under the cover of dusk/darkness. Any association between people and the bait will mean the birds won’t return. The same applies when they do arrive and we have the chance to photograph them. You must play the long patient game – quite a challenge if you’ve been sitting for several hours waiting for them to arrive. The birds must be allowed to settle first time of arriving before you start snapping. Movement and noise must be at an absolute minimum and you must have your camera on single shot mode – machine gun firing as the first bird lands will ruin the day and possibly the whole trip, not only for us but possibly for any others this winter too. If you have any concerns or questions about this then please feel free to call us.

Day 8:  We are all booked on the same initial flight out of Trondheim and will head to the airport in the morning.

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“This was a fantastic holiday and exceeded my hopes”

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