We have been running trips in eastern Europe for as long as we have been in business, and the potential opportunities just keep growing.  This is a new trip for us, working with colleagues we have known for many years though and looking to capture images in two distinctly different habitats whilst employing an array of different approaches to photographing many of the different species  Romania has to offer: we’ll spend time in the Danube delta working from a purpose-built “photo-boat” with an array of water birds (Herons, Terns, Pelicans, Grebes, and many waders) to work with, along with time in the dry and rocky habitat of the Main National Park where we’ll use a combination of hide based photography at specially created drinking pools (the striking Rock Thrush is a main target here) alongside more traditional stalking techniques for an array of other species including Isabelle Wheatear and Collared Pratincoles: pop-up hides will be on hand should we decide to adopt them in this approach too.  All in all it’ll be a very diverse week of classic bird photography with some very different species on offer too.

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Day 1:  We’ll aim to arrive in Bucharest for early afternoon (we’ll advise on flight recommendations after you’ve booked) and  from where we will transfer to the town of Tulcea – the gateway to the Sulina arm of the Danube Delta, and where we will transfer by boat to the village which will be our base for the next 3 nights.

Days 2 – 3: We plan to have three full days of photography inside the Danube Delta with the majority of the time spent exploring using a small purpose-built photo-boat which allows us to quietly move around in the habitat.  The boat is flat-bottomed and very stable and allows room for 4 photographers: photography is all through specially adapted non-reflective glass so the views are excellent and the birds cannot see us: only our general shape which they are used to. An array of Grebes, Herons, Cormorants, Pelicans, Egrets, Ducks, Terns, warblers and waders are all possible species for us to find here. We will have two photo sessions daily: the first starting 30 minutes before sunrise before we return to our accommodation for lunch and a rest before an afternoon session which will last until sunset.

Day 4: After a last morning session and the usual midday siesta we will leave the Danube Delta behind and travel back to Tulcea for an overnight stop.

Day 5 – 6. Early this morning we leave for the Macin Mountain National Park where we have two fixed hides to work from. One morning will be spent at the  drinking hide and this dry and rocky habitat the water should attract a number of different species. Two of us will spend the morning in the drinking hide while our local colleague will take the other two to photograph the stunning an elusive Rock Thrush from a different hide. In the afternoon the other two photographers will use the drinking hide and the rest of the team can try to photograph Roller, Isabelline Wheatears or Sousliks (Ground Squirrels) from blinds or by stalking.
The following day this will be reversed to ensure everyone has the full opportunity to work with all the options they want. If any suitable subject found ‘doghouse’ type blinds can be used any time. The first night here will be spent in a simple but convenient hotel in Macin and at the end of the second day we will transfer you to Constanta for a two night stay.

Day 7: A final full days photography in the Constanta region deploying typical stalking style photography on foot and from vehicles, but with the option of pop-up hides or mattresses to lie on if we see fit in this area that combines wetland and steppe species as far as opportunities are concerned: Collared Pratincole and Stone Curlew are among the many possible opportunities.

Day 8: Sadly after breakfast we will make the journey back to Budapest Airport to catch our return flights back home.

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