The onset of winter on a remote Lincolnshire beach provides one of the best opportunities in Northern Europe to photograph Common and Grey Seals. Two full days on the coast looking for the best light and angles for atmospheric shots of individual seals on the sand and young adolescent seals play fighting in the surf gives an ideal opportunity to develop and learn the patience and field craft skills required to secure the breath taking images that this location allows. We have timed this weekend break so it doesn’t disturb the breeding season or the young dependent pups as this starts in late October. This is a great weekend with comfortable accommodation and a hearty Lincolnshire fare to help stave off any early winter chills too.

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Day 1: In order to make sure we get 2 full days with the seals and also to ensure you are well briefed on what to expect and how to work with them both photographically and from a sensitivity perspective we will look to rendezvous on the Friday evening at our guest house in Louth, Lincolnshire. Once we have checked in we will have our evening meal and discuss the weekend’s events ahead.

Day 2: After an early breakfast we will head off for our first visit to spend the day on the sand flats of Donna Nook. We have timed this weekend break so there is no disturbance to the Grey Seal breeding season as we are a good 6 weeks before the start of the females giving birth. There will be no chance whatsoever of young grey seal pups and the pregnant females will not be arriving back at the colony either. We shall be concentrating on getting images both on the land and in the water. Adolescent grey seals can be very playful so hopefully we get the chance to capture this behaviour as they play fight in the Surf. Young Common Seals should also be around at this time of the year as they were born in the summer months and are completely independent now. Also along the tide line we could get opportunities to photograph waders like Sanderling as well. Depending on the weather we could be out on the Sand banks until dusk so please be prepared for a long day.

Day 3: Again it’s an early start in morning to try and get the best light and activity and the day will be more or less a repeat of the previous day and will go on until dusk, but if you have a long drive home you are free to go when you please throughout the day. You will have to bring your luggage with you though because we won’t be going back to the guest house.


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What our customers say

“A great trip: I really enjoyed the seals and also the sanderlings.”

“It was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I wondered if a whole weekend on one animal would be too much but, in fact, I could easily be tempted to do it again.”

“Very helpful, Ellie could not do enough for you”

“The opportunities were very good and Ellie’s guidance was spot-on”

“Danny was very helpful – he looked at my images from the first day giving great advice that helped me produce even better images on the next.”

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