We have been running trips to the Shetland Isles in summer months for the past decade and this beautiful island archipelago is one of the most dramatic and inspiring locations in the British Isles, and a great place for wildlife photography.  We have wanted to offer the experience of the Shetlands during the winter months though and our main target for this is the iconic European Otter. These islands support a large population and one of the best times to see them is during the winter months. We have teamed up with two photographers based in the Shetlands, Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason and these guys know  the local otter population better than anyone as well as how to get us close enough to photograph them.  It will be a jam packed week looking to take full advantage of the settings, subjects and potentially stunning winter light that can be found here at this time of year and with the trip timed to optimise the tides to our advantage and a time of year when family groups are at their most active and potentially approachable too you should achieve both some great images but also experiences with these fantastic mammals too.

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Day 1: A day of travelling to Sumburgh Airport on Mainland (or Lerwick if you have chosen to take the ferry) and we will then gather together as a group and head to our hotel base towards the north of Mainland where we will be based for the next 5 nights. It will have been a long days travelling and with early mornings possible straight away the next day we will have an evening meal, make initial plans and a good night’s rest. We’ll advise you on flight and other travel options to suit you best after you’ve booked.

Days 2 – 7:  Over each of these and the next day we will be splitting into smaller groups of only 2 photographers:  each day we will be heading out with local wildlife photographers and absolute otter experts (as their recent book on the species, all photographed locally, will testify) Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason for an exclusive day photographing Otters. It is only possible to do this in very small group sizes so we have asked them to add their expertise in terms of local families and additional guiding resources to allow us to do this.

Day 8: We’ll catch our return flights (or ferry) away from Shetlands accordingly.

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