Yellowstone Fall – USA – 2017


One of the highlights of the nature’s calendar year is the annual rut of the Elk. There is no finer setting to capture this primeval display than in the beautiful ampitheatre of Yellowstone National Park. The large Bulls will be stamping their dominance over their rivals and trying to keep together their harem of females. We will be out early in the mornings to try to capture this behaviour amongst the misty valleys on these cold autumnal days. The fall colours will also be at their peak and so landscape opportunities abound. We will also be on the lookout for other species and the amazing photographic opportunity for what this unique season can offer in one of the world’s truly dramatic settings. During this trip we will also be visiting the Grand Tetons and National Elk refuge which will certainly offer more photographic wonders.

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Day 1: A day of travelling as it’s a long flight to Bozeman airport in Montana and you will almost certainly not be arriving until around 23.00 hours that evening too, so it’ll be off for a well-needed first nights rest at the local Best Western Hotel.

Days 2-6: We will transfer ourselves to our base for the next 5 nights which will be in West Yellowstone, a small town on the edge of Yellowstone Park. From here, and using the large vehicles we have at our disposal. We will look to explore and photograph under our own steam the dramatic settings, scenery and wildlife inside this spectacular National Park. From our base in West Yellowstone our first priority will be heading to the Madison River in search of Elk. During the month of September the annual Elk rut is underway and we will be concentrating our efforts on capturing this spectacular display, one of the highlights of the nature’s calendar. The river valley is a perfect setting for the Elk and we will be heading out each dawn to hopefully photograph them in the atmospheric misty conditions which Yellowstone is famous for. You will also expect to encounter bison, bald eagle and coyote as well as plenty of landscape, scenic and macro opportunities as the day unfolds – there’s plenty to explore and we’ll return to the river crossings at the end of the day before heading back to West Yellowstone for our evening meal and overnight rest.

Days 7-8: After our last morning session looking for Elk we will then transfer to our next base in Jackson Hole where we will be based for 2 nights. From here we will be exploring the Grand Teton National Park. This stunning park offers some highly iconic landscape opportunities and we will be heading to some classic locations during our time here. We will also be searching for large Bull Moose in Grand Teton as this is one of the best places to find these impressive animals.

Day 9: After a final early morning session and day in the Tetons we will make our way back to one final night in West Yellowstone.

Day 10: With the chance for a final dawn session with the elk on the agenda and should conditions look favourable we will then look to head back to Bozeman for our return flights to Europe.

Day 11: Arrive back in Europe after overnight flights.

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What our customers say

” I really enjoyed the trip and every moment I had taking photos”

” I particularly enjoyed photographing the Bison, Pronghorn Antelope and Mule Deer”

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What our customers say

” I really enjoyed the trip and every moment I had taking photos”

” I particularly enjoyed photographing the Bison, Pronghorn Antelope and Mule Deer”

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