This is a day-workshop photographing wild Buzzard at an idyllic 600-acre farm, near Market Harborough, Leicestershire (15 mins from Junc. 20 of M1). Set within an English woodland you will be based in a comfortable, professional hide where you can enjoy seeing this beautiful bird.


Although Buzzards can be seen perched close to the side of the road, they are an incredibly shy bird of prey, therefore making it a real challenge to photograph it up close, even for some seasoned nature photographers.

A handsome adult male visits most days with the slightly paler and larger female making the odd appearance on some days. During the summer months it may also be possible to observe the family interactions between juveniles and adults. We believe that this is the best site in Britain for seeing and photographing wild Buzzards at close range.

The welfare of wildlife is paramount to us. As such, the hide is only open three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This is designed primarily to minimise our impact and to encourage natural, wild behaviour. We are also concerned about any unintentional disturbance caused to the birds during the use of the hide. So all participants will be driven to the hide and can only venture out of the hide at the end of the session. There is a portable loo available in a separate chamber for your convenience.

One of the unique features of this professional hide, is the distance that it affords the photographer to the subject. If you are using a cropped-sensor camera i.e. an entry level digital SLR, you can still get a full frame shot of this beautiful raptor with a modest 70-300mm lens.

With full-size sensor bodies, a 500mm will give you a tight fill of the entire frame. In fact, a shorter zoom lens is also recommended for shots when the Buzzard spreads its wings.

The maximum number of participants per day is only 3 people. There are a couple of small but cozy, wooden cabins available for hire should you require an overnight’s stay, situated within the farm: please just enquire after you have made your booking.

Cost £195
Deposit £50

Date 10th June 2017
Workshop leader(s) Des Ong
Places available 0 - fully booked
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