Introduction to outdoor & digital photography


If you are a relative newcomer to photography and would like to learn how to get your camera off it’s automatic setting and really take control of your image taking, then this Introduction to Outdoor & Digital Photography Workshop at the privately owned Chetwynd Deer Park near Newport, Shropshire will be a great learning experience, and hopefully a fun day out as well. Courses are held in the Spring and Autumn only – the best times to make the most of the beautiful setting.



Introduction to outdoor & digital photography

After an introduction designed to broaden your understanding of your camera and get to grips with some simple rules of composition, we’ll look to spend the day capturing images in this picturesque park with its ancient woodland, fallow deer herd, magnificent lake and abundance of wildlife and scenic views – and with the whole place to ourselves. To close we’ll load some images onto a PC and get to grip with some simple digital improvement techniques that will get your prints and images to their maximum potential.



Cost £90
Deposit £30

Date 7th October 2016
Workshop leader(s) Mark Sisson
Places available 5
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What our customers say

“Thanks for the good advice on the Chetwynd Park day: it has certainly made me think more prior to taking my shots and has definitely inspired me to be more creative with the camera by using more of its functions.”

“Thanks for the excellent photo course that you arranged: it was great.”

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