At Natures Images, we always select the right time and the right locations, working with the best wildlife photographers and guides in the business.  To come face to face with one of the most awe-inspiring predators on the planet is truly one of the greatest adrenalin packed photography experiences you can undertake. We have been traveling to Alaska for a number of years now and during our visits, we are always searching for new locations to combine them with places we already know. This trip promises to deliver exactly that. Our main target is Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears where we will be visiting two different locations for two different photo opportunities. Lake Clarke National Park gives you a true sense of the Alaskan wilderness, with towering volcanic mountains forming an immediate backdrop to the tidal marshes, streams and pristine salt-water bays which comprise the coastline and is one of the premier Grizzly bear viewing areas in the world. We have timed our trip to coincide with the females and young spring cubs feeding in the lush sedge grass meadows. We will also be searching for the bears whilst they look for clams at low tide. We will also be visiting Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. These Falls are without doubt one of the best places to see and photograph Bears in Alaska. We will be spending two nights at Brooks which will give us some great opportunities at the Falls where the largest males dominate waiting for the salmon to head upstream. The third main element of the trip is boat based where we will be looking for Sea Otters that rest on glacial ice. This part of the trip will be in Prince William Sound which is also excellent for seeing a host of other coastal species like Orcas, Humpback Whales, and Sea Lions. We will also be visiting a small seabird island to look for Horned Puffins. This promises to be a jam-packed trip visiting some of the most beautiful locations that the southern coastal region of Alaska has to offer.

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Day 1: We are due to arrive in at Anchorage Airport from our chosen connecting flights. We will then transfer to our accommodation which is a local airport hotel in Anchorage. We will be in touch with the flight recommendations.

Day 2: We’ll have an early morning departure to Whittier for a 9am private charter boat trip into Prince William Sound with Sea Otters, Orcas and Seals among the focuses, the main target being the Sea otters resting on Glacial Ice flows. The Sea Otter population is strong in Prince William Sound and we will have exclusive use of our small boat for the next two days. We will be checking the Glacial fronts for this iconic mammal as it comes to rest on the ice flows in front of the Glaciers. Overnight in Whittier.

Day 3: Again we are on the same boat outing on a private charter basis (8am start time) in Prince William Sound, returning in the afternoon. Our main target is the Sea Otters but we could come across a Pod of Orcas or even a Humpback Whale. Most of our time will be searching for Otters amongst the Glacial Ice. After our boat excursion it is then a short drive back to Anchorage where we will stay overnight.

Day 4: It’s an early morning start again as we fly out to Brooks Lodge via King Salmon with estimated arrival around 11.30 am. Brooks Falls is one of the best places in the world to see and photograph the Grizzly Bear. After three years of trying we are very lucky to have once again secured two nights at the lodge for our small group. We have timed our trip to coincide with the annual Salmon run. The Bears fish the falls in July and it is without doubt one of the best experiences to witness this spectacle. The Falls are dominated by the big males and they are truly impressive at Brooks, so today will be a full afternoon and evening of photography there and we will stay overnight in the 2 simple log cabins we have booked at Brooks Falls

Day 5: We have a full day at our disposal at Brooks Falls. Usually we head out to the falls in the early morning and again in the late afternoon. There can be a lot of day visitors to the falls and so we try and avoid the crowds. By mid-afternoon though most people have gone and it just leaves the guests that are staying over night, perfect for us as at times it can seem like you have the place to yourselves. We will again stay overnight in our 2 log cabins.

Day 6: We will have early morning photography with the fishing bears at Brooks Falls. We then have an afternoon return flight to Anchorage via King Salmon and we will return to our now familiar hotel base there for the night.

Day 7: This morning we will catch a charter flight to Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clarke National Park for 4 nights. We have been running trips to Lake Clarke for many years in September for the annual Silver Salmon run. Early July is also a great time to visit as the bears are feeding in the lush meadows and clamming with the low tides. It is a particularly beautiful time to visit with an array of colour from the wildflowers in the area and it is also a good time to find females with young spring cubs. We will certainly make the most of the early morning and late evening light but we are really governed by the tide here, so have to work around it, which the bears do too. Our daily excursions are by ATV’s and trailers and so we can cover a large area in our sessions.

Days 8 – 10: Over the course of the next three days we will be searching for the Bears in this beautiful environment. We will certainly be looking for females with cubs but we can come across large males and youngsters too. We are governed by the tides which can mean some down time but the bears to visit our lodge from time to time too.

Day 11: If the tide is in our favour we will certainly head out for an early morning session. By mid-morning though we will catch our return flights from Silver Salmon Creek Lodge back to Anchorage where we will spend our last night in Alaska for this trip.

Day 12: Flights departing Anchorage.

Day 13: Flights arrive back in UK/Europe.

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