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Roaring deer and birds of prey

Trip reviews | Posted on November 1, 2011
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The annual deer trip has come to an end. Last year turned out to be hard work as the deer stayed in the forest to feed on the many acorns. This year was different. Many deer were found out in the open fields and the weather was in our favor. Beautiful sunrise and some frost are THE ingredients for good early morning photography.



All the guests were very keen to go out before sunrise to get in position when the sun appeared above the horizon.



Some cracking views and rutting red deer and fallow made this trip worth every second. We even experienced a heavy fight between two big stags at no less than 40 feet. After taking some more distance we had a great time with these two.


In those 20 years I’ve been shooting deer, this never happened to me before.  Let me thank all those wonderful people who came on this trip and a special thanks to the park staff and rangers for their warm welcome and Danny for the good laughs and knowledge about the deer and park.




Thanks all and hopefully see you all next year.

Edwin Kats

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