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Time lapse gannets

Trip reviews | Posted on October 21, 2011
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I posted this time lapse footage of Gannets on my personal blog a couple of weeks ago and thought that if you hadn’t already seen it an additional airing here might interest you.

It was taken during our Seabird spectacular trip this year (only a couple of places left for next already!) and those on the trip with me will recall that it’s something I had in mind as soon as we got to the Gannet colony – the camera was on the tripod and left to snap away for about an hour and a half, all of which is re-presented in this accelerated format.  I love the way that the movements work on three levels – birds shuffling on their nests, the constant stream of birds gliding over and then the clouds passing by on the permanent wind: the combination just captures the essence of the place. Unfortunately I can’t add the smell online though!

The piece does come with a health warning though – make sure that you check your sensor for dust when you do this sort of stuff; there’s a couple of pieces that I missed and which given that this is just a piece of fun, I really couldn’t face the prospect of cloning form the several hundred files that make up the 30 or so seconds you can see here!

Timelapse and editing is one of the areas we cover during our HD Video workshops, the next of which is next month, you can find more detailshere– along with the video capabilities that SLR’s now offer it’s all part of looking to get both more out of your kit and also finding new ways to present your work and interpretation of the natural world and if you hadn’t already guessed I’m a big fan!

Mark Sisson

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