We take our conservation responsibilities very seriously, and habitat and animal welfare are and always will be the number one priority for us. We are wildlife photographers and conservationists first and foremost who have established a photographic travel business.

We have developed our policy for sustainable travel to demonstrate our commitment to ongoing animal and habitat conservation and we encourage your support wherever and whenever you can.

  • Everytime one of our trip leaders boards a flight to run a trip, the carbon miles for the journey will be offset by making a calculated donation to Climate Care. We will also look to do the same for any mileage incurred during a trip.
  • Natures Images will also offset its business carbon emissions with Climate Care.
  • We would also encourage you to calculate and offset your carbon miles for workshop or trip travel by visiting the Climate Care website and making your donation directly to them.
  • For a number of our trips, we will also be making donations to charities and projects that are focussed on the conservation of a specific species or habitat that we are visiting. We are, for instance, proud to support Polar Bears International through our Arctic Adventure trip, and the Yellowstone Wolf Project through our Yellowstone Winter trip.