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A happy return

Trip reviews | Posted on October 9, 2017
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It’s been a while since I ran a trip to wonderful Norway and I must say I missed the eagles and the beautiful fjords in Flatanger. It was good to be back and the eagles didn’t disappoint us in any way. They all looked healthy and strong and they didn’t hold back entertaining us. The trip started with a visit to Dovrefjell national park to find the musk ox. We got help from a young local guide named Sigbjørn Frengen and not only did he find the musk ox but he also told us so much about them. Both the guests and I enjoyed being close to these wonderful animals. We stayed with a small group of animals for quite some time hoping they would move to a nice spot providing a suitable backdrop for a shot or two. We were also suffering from this nasty heat haze which made it nearly impossible to get the subject in focus during mid-day. But after a while the light got better and better and the animals decided to move. Good things come to those who wait….

After a long but beautiful drive back to Flatanger both the guests and I were anxious to get on the boat and see the eagles. Well, we were not disappointed. Lots of eagles and they seemed hungry. The weather was fine and we hopped on the boat for our first fast shutter speed eagle action.
It is a whole different type of photography to shooting stationary musk oxen but after a short warm up with some gulls and the first two eagles everyone was eager to start some serious action photography and we did…. I can tell you it is not easy shooting from a boat especially when it’s bouncing on the waves but that’s nature photography at its best. Working hard for your pictures and having a look at them over coffee back in the guesthouse. A trip full of action and smiling faces…. A true happy return…


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