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Winter in Japan

Trip reviews | Posted on November 13, 2019
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If you’ve enjoyed the Rugby World Cup over the last few weeks you may have acquired an appreciation for the marvellous hospitality of the Japanese people.  It’s conclusion has coincided with the very real onset of the long, mostly grey and for the moment  at least, very wet winter months here in the UK.

Of course winter conditions are some of the best to work in when it comes to nature photography and when it comes to reliability of snowy conditions to work with (as well as some great species to photograph too) then Japan is one of very favourite places to take guests to experience.

No only are some of the locations simply stunning (this is the dormant crater containing Lake Masha on an amazing afternoon) but iconic Snow Monkeys, the national bird in the form of Red-Crowned Cranes, the dramatic Steller’s Sea-Eagles and the sheer grace and poise of Whooper Swans always fill camera cards up!

There are still some places available to join us in this amazing country which offers not just winter photography at some of its finest but probably one of the most unique cultural and travel experiences we have to offer: it would be great if you could join our award winning guides Richard Peters and Ellie Rothnie this winter: it’s having a break as a trip for us in 2021 so don’t miss out!

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